Do we need more market-rate homes in the Mission?

This building is designed to be mixed income with 9 below market-rate homes, in addition to 32 market-rate units with a mix of studios, 1- and 2-bedrooms. More housing supply of all types is needed to address the housing shortage. The current cost of building in San Francisco – including land, materials, labor, consultants, financing and City fees – demands very high revenue from the finished building in order to make the project work.

Does it need to be six stories?

Putting more homes on a parcel increases the supply of housing and reduces the per unit cost of construction. Reducing costs helps support the inclusion of below market rate (BMR) units, which is the goal of the State Density Bonus Law, which allows for six stories on this site. The building is considered a low-rise, medium-density building and is designed to complement the surrounding urban neighborhood, which currently has multiple five- and six-story buildings.

Why is there no off-street parking?

The building is what is known as a transit-oriented development (TOD), just blocks from 16th Street BART, frequent bus service and bike lanes, as well as a variety of services within easy walking distance. Given this, we expect it will attract people that are comfortable not owning a car. Note there is no longer a minimum parking requirement for new construction in San Francisco.

What are your plans for pedestrian and bicyclist safety?

We expect significantly fewer car owners to live in this building given its lack of off-street parking spaces, which should reduce car traffic overall. We plan to apply for three curb spaces for passenger and/or commercial loading zones to help ensure pick-ups and drop-offs do not interfere with car and bike traffic flow on the street, which increases safety for everyone. There are currently three curb cuts for the existing buildings, which will no longer be needed. The building will also provide significant long- and short-term bike parking.

What streetscape improvements are you planning?

We plan to plant and maintain five new street trees that are appropriate for the neighborhood microclimate, as well as provide short-term bike parking racks in the sidewalk furnishing zone. The addition of two new, vibrant commercial spaces will also be an improvement over the vacant auto service garages currently located on the site.

What community benefits are you providing?

The primary community benefit of this project is the supply of 41 new homes including 9 below market rate units in a mixed-income building with new commercial spaces on the first two floors, in addition to the streetscape improvements noted above. Secondarily, the project will fund development impact fees and trigger significantly increased property tax revenue, which can be invested in services and programs for the community.

Is the existing building historic?

The City has determined that the building is not a historical resource.

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